Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure & Pedicure

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Foot Balm 100ml Retail

Enlivens and refreshes tired and stressed feetReduces callusPrevents cracked heels and rough skinPre..

Foot Balm Plus 100ml Retail

Intensive care for dry skinEnlivens and refreshes tired and stressed feetReduces callusPrevents crac..

Foot Balsam for Diabetics 100ml Retail

Provides intensive and long-lasting moistureSupports wound healingReduces itchiness and soothes sens..

Callus Balm 100ml Retail

Intensive care of callused skinReduces callusProtects against drying outAbsorbs quickly, possible to..

Aloe & Olive Peeling Gel 100ml Retail

Gently removes callus and dead cellsLeaves skin freshly cleansed and smoothRegulates the skins natur..

Aloe & Olive Lotion 100ml Retail

Cares for tired , stressed feetPrevents cracked heels and callus formationMaintains the natural elas..

Aloe & Olive Foam 150ml Retail

Pleasantly fresh smelling and intensely moisturizing, Camillen 60 Aloe & Olive Foam Cream floats..

Callus Softener 125ml Retail

Softens callus, weals , and cornsSoftens callus without affecting healthy skinEases removal of callu..

Hand Cream 100ml Retail

Very effective hand cream with valuable extractsProtects stressed hands from dehydartionSoothes and ..

Liquid Hand Cleansing Soap 300ml Retail

Cleanses gently and nourishes simultaneouslyRefatting active substances protect skin against dehydra..

Fresh Foam Basic 150ml Retail

With Fresh up complex and 2% ureaHydrates and leaves skin silky softPrevents cracked skin and callus..

Fresh Foam Sensitive 150ml Retail

With Fresh up complex and 5% ureaAnti-inflammatory and calmingSuitable for diabeticsAbsorbs quickly..

Fresh Foam Intense 150ml Retail

With Fresh up complex and 15% ureaTreats cracked and callused skinIntensive care and deep penetratin..

Fresh Foam Protect 150ml Retail

Keep your feet well-hydrated and prevent foot issues with regular use of Camillen 60 Fresh Foam Balm..

Schrunden Cream 100ml Retail

Smoooths extremely dry and cracked skin, specifically on heels, hands, elbows and kneesStores moistu..

Stainless Steel Nail File Intro Kit

Cuccio Stainless Steel Nail File Intro Kit  The ergonomic and flexible feature of the stainless..

Deep Dermal Transforming Wrap 240g

A new, intense formula that brings moisture to a deep level of the dermis. Use once a week on your..

Stainless Steel File Refill 50pk

Cuccio Nail File Refill Paper - 100 Grit 50 Pack - BlackCuccio Nail File Refill Paper - 180 Grit 50 ..