The origin of GERnetic

The GERnetic International products are the fruit of a long research carried out throughout his career by Dr. Albert Laporte, pioneer in cellular anti-aging and Founder of Laboratoires GERnetic Synthèse, through the study at the cellular level of Biology - study of Life - and Gerontology - study of the aging process.

The story began in the 1960s at the Hôpitaux de Paris, during which time Dr. Albert Laporte began his research on the use of the concept of cellulotherapy in the formulation of topical treatments in order to appease the Suffering patients and improve the condition and appearance of their devastated skins.

Dr. Albert Laporte later pushed and developed this innovative concept in the world of beauty. Its goal was to create a range of highly concentrated and highly efficient products. He conceptualized his theory about the body's ability to restore health and harmony when the cells receive the precisely dosed essential nutritional molecules. His studies concluded that many skin conditions were the result of deficiencies at the cellular level. A pioneer in the formulation of Dermo-cosmetics, he concluded that it was important to add the missing nutrients to these formulas. The overall approach is to provide an optimal dose of a combination of essential and nutritional molecules to assist the skin in its regeneration process so that it repairs, relieves problems and that the appearance of visible signs of aging can be slowed.

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TROPO PLUS Day Cream 150ml

Tropo Plus Cream – Day Base Excellent day and make-up base for skins prone to dryness. Ap..

Gel Après Soleil 90ml

Gel Après Soleil - After sun face and body gel. Calming and refreshing action after exposure ..

FLOWER ACID LOTION Revitalizing Serum 40ml

Flower Acid Lotion – Soft peeling for the face. Natural biological peeling – hydrating. Ap..

ADIPO-GASTA Slimming 500ml

Adipo Gasta – Resculpting Body Cream Slimming and fat reduction action. Application, Skin T..


Marine Algae Mask Nutritious mask with marine algae.  Mask of marine base for deminera..

ARGINI Mask 150ml

Argini Cream Mask Soft mask for young and sensitive skins. Application, Skin Type, Use: ..

BODY BEAUTY Slimming & Firming 500ml

Body Beauty - Marine Marine Body beauty cream Slimming action for fat deposit reduction based ..

MARINE DAY BASE Day/Base Cream 150ml

Marine Day Base Cream Excellent day and make-up base for demineralized skins. Application..

BODY COMFORT Cellulite & Firming Gel 500ml

Body Comfort - Marine Marine body comfort gel based on marine extracts acts on cellulite appear..

CELLS-LIFE Revitalizing Serum 50ml

Cells Life - Repairing Concentrate Anti-wrinkle stimulator designed to revitalize, restore an..

MASSAGE CREAM Lymphatic, Vascularising 500ml

Crème de Massage Massage cream with essential oils. Triple action massage cream – relaxing, ..

EYE MASK Soothing Balm 150ml

Eye Mask Cream Soothing Mask for the Eyes Application, Skin Type, Use: *To be used as a ..

CYTOBI Regenerative Cream 150ml

Cytobi Cream – Regenerating Cream Special immunity cream for all cases of significant skin p..

DERMA Liquid Soap 500ml

Derma – Face cleansing. Cleansing and purifying product for blemished skin. Application, ..

SLIMMING WRAP Algae (Brown & Red) 2kg

Slimming Wrap Body Slimming Wrap Slimming and remineralizing body wrap. Application, Skin ..

ENDO SPECIAL + Serum for Bust 40ml

Endo Spécial+   Cell boosting lotion for the regeneration of breast area improving ..

FIBRO Tonic Lotion 500ml

Fibro – Tonic lotion for the face. Pore cleanser and soft skin preparer. Application, Ski..

GER-PEEL Exfoliating 150ml

Ger Peel – Face and body scrub. Gentle exfoliating cream to sublimate face and body glow. ..

GLYCO Cleansing Milk 500ml

Glyco – Cleansing milk for the face. Rich and creamy make-up remover for the face. Applicati..


Marine Gumming Cleanser Soft remineralizing cleansing and exfoliating product. Application..

BEAUTY OIL Detoxifying, Toning 500ml

Beauty Oil – Huile De Beaute Macadamia Massage Oil Well-being, invigorating, body massage oi..

MASSAGE OIL Grapeseed Oil 500ml

Huile de Massage – Massage Oil Massage oil with grape seed oil. Relaxing body massage oil for ..

HYDRA-GER Balancing Mask 150ml

Hydra Ger Mask– Balancing mask for the face. Moisturizing effect, balancing and soft mask spe..

IMMUNO Restructuring Mask 150ml

Immuno Cream Mask Immuno restructuring, stimulating and regenerating cream mask. Applicat..

Softening Body Milk 500ml

Softening Body Milk – Lait Corps Douceur Nourishing and active body milk that maintains the nat..