The undisputed leader in Professional Hair Removal. GiGi removes all the hair in one application.


1 All Purpose GiGi Honee 396 g
1 GiGi Antiseptic Post-Epilating 473 ml
1 GiGi PreHon Cleanser 236 ml
100 Unbleached Cotton Strips
1 Deluxe Warmer or Digital Warmer
1 Sure Clean 118 ml
10 Collars
50 Large Spatulas
25 Small Spatulas
1 Training Manual

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GiGi Crème Wax 14oz

GiGi Creme Wax melts at a lower temperature allowing for a more comfortable application, particularl..

GiGi All Purpose Wax 14oz

GiGi All Purpose Honee Wax contains the extremely beneficial properties of bees wax. It's gentle eno..

GiGi Flex Wax (Olive Oil) 13oz

GiGi Olive Oil Flex Wax hair removal has the pliable application of a soft wax without the use of mu..

GiGi Epilating Strips White Pellon Large 100pk

GiGi Surgicloth Epliating Strips feature a non-woven design for use with all soft waxes. An economic..

GiGi Unbleached Pre-Cut Strips 100pk - Small

GiGi Natural Muslin Epilating Stripsscombine a fine grade texture for maximum absorption with an aes..

GiGi Unbleached Pre-Cut Muslin Strips 100pk - Large

GiGi Natural Muslin Epilating Stripss combine a fine grade texture for maximum absorption with an ae..

GiGi Pre-Hon Cleansing Lotion 8oz

GiGi Pre-Hon Pre-Epilation Cleanser is formulated to cleanse the skin of makeup, deodorants and body..

GiGi Post Epilation Lotion 16oz

GiGi Post Epilation Lotion is a rich moisturizing lotion developed for use after the waxing process...

GiGi Anesthetic Numbing Spray 1.5oz

GiGi Anesthetic Numbing Spray temporarily numbs the surface of the skin with a special Lidocaine bas..

GiGi Sure Clean Surface Cleaner 16oz

The GiGi Sure Clean All Purpose Cleaner keeps your GiGi Honee Warmer free of residue and ready to us..

GiGi Post Wax Cooling Gel 16oz

A rich gel, GiGi After Wax Cooling Gel contains menthol and cucumber to cool the skin and reduce red..

GiGi Pre-Epilation Powder 4.5oz

GiGi Pre-Epilation Dusting Powder allows for a more effective waxing procedure by absorbing the oils..

GiGi Zinc Oxide Ultra Sensitive Wax 13oz

Zinc Oxide Ultra Sensitive Wax is a gentle créme-based wax designed to remove fine to medium hair. ..

GiGi Clean Collars 50pk

These heavy paper collars are designed to prevent the wax warmer from becoming soiled with spilled w..

GiGi Wax Off 16oz

GiGi Wax Off gently removes all traces of wax from the skin. Enriched with Aloe Vera and essential o..

Gigi Brazilian Hard Wax 14oz

Popularly known as "Brazilian" waxing, this non-strip formula is designed for coarse hair, yet is ge..

GiGi DVD for Soft Wax Application

GiGi Professional Instructional DVD for Soft Wax Application features a complete step-by-step traini..

GiGi Waxing Technical Manual

The GiGi Instruction Manual is your complete, illustrated guide for successful waxing using the GiGi..