Wax Warmers

Wax Warmers
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Clean & Easy Basic Waxing Kit

Roll-On Wax Warmer Unit in a complete kit, including product and DVD...

Duo-Pil Wax Warmer (Small Tanks)

• For lukewarm and hot wax • 2 precise thermostats for independent temperature control • 2 tanks ..

Satin Smooth Paraffin Warmer (6lb capacity)

-Thermostatically Controlled Heating Unit-Even Heat -Paraffin Tub stays cool to the touch-Holds..

Removable Metal Pot

For melting wax or paraffin Fits most large tank warmers    ..

Silhouet-Tone Double Wax Warmer ESTHETIKA Small Tank

Silhouet Tone Wax WarmerMinipil Duo V10 Complete with 2 handled pots with lidsSmall TanksCSA Approve..

Silhouet-Tone Double Wax Warmer ESTHETIKA Large Tank

Minipil Duo V10 Complete with 2 Handled Pots with LidsLarge TankCSA Approved..