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Silhouet-Tone Blu Stream Steamer with Stand

-Ready to use in 7 minutes-20-minute timer with audible signal-Versatile positioning thanks to three..

Silhouet-Tone Blend ST-250 Electrolysis Unit

Performance, simplicity, efficiency and precision. Fully computerized controls. Built-in memory prog..

Silhouet-Tone Cirrus Iontoderm Galvanic

For disincrustation and ionization. Digital display and anti-shock system. Includes disincrustator, ..

Silhouet-Tone Cirrus Rotary Brush

With 3 brushes and integrated brush holder. Ergonomic compact brush handle. Multi speed and reverse ..

Silhouet-Tone Cirrus Ultraderm High Frequency

With 3 electrodes in an integrated electrode holder. Easy grip handle...

Silhouet-Tone Comfort Air Lift Rounded Stool

 Contoured stool with adjustable backrest• Lumbar support• Black base with 5 silent « Soft..

Silhouet-Tone Contoured Air Lift Stool

• Contoured stool with adjustable backrest• Lumbar support• Black base with 5 silent « Sof..

Silhouet-Tone Corundum Crystals 2lbs

For Derma•Pod Silhouet-Tone brand Corundum Crystals are created for use with our crystal microdermab..

Silhouet-Tone Corundum Crystals 4 lbs

For S.T. Peel unit – 4 lbs.Silhouet-Tone brand Corundum Crystals are created for use with our crysta..

Silhouet-Tone Double Wax Warmer ESTHETIKA Small Tank

Silhouet Tone Wax WarmerMinipil Duo V10 Complete with 2 handled pots with lidsSmall TanksCSA Approve..

Silhouet-Tone Double Wax Warmer ESTHETIKA Large Tank

Minipil Duo V10 Complete with 2 Handled Pots with LidsLarge TankCSA Approved..

Silhouet-Tone Elite Platinum Electric Bed

4 quiet electric motors for easy positioning. (backrest, seat, height, leg). Hand remote con..

Silhouet-Tone Elite Silver Star Hydraulic Bed

Multi Purpose – Hydraulic Facial, electrolysis, waxing, make-up, medispa treatments, laser an..

Silhouet-Tone Foot Rest

Round base, height adjustable, white.Adjustable height max. 30 inchesCushion Dimensions 12 inches x ..

Silhouet-Tone Laguna Sand 2 Way Bed

Two-way versatile, multi-purpose table. One side for face, the other for body treatments. ..

Silhouet-Tone Lamp Stand

Provides a support to the lamp and makes it easy to move.Specially designed to match with the Ultra ..